Your Deepest Nature

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Your deepest nature stands beyond the reach of your ego. It stands beyond the “small” self… which is the part that usually manages the affairs of your day, concerned with accomplishing this and avoiding that. This is why your deepest nature is so very quiet. The coming and going, accomplishing and avoiding have no bearing on it, and cause no ripples in it. It is so very quiet and still.

You can still come, and still go while doing all the things the world asks; it’s just that your deepest nature isn’t shaken in any way by them. This is why your deepest nature seems so incredibly solid. So strong. Unshakeable.

Because it is so unshakeable, your deepest nature cannot be threatened. Thus, it has no use for fear. Not knowing fear of any kind, it’s only natural response is gentle and open.

Gentle and Open! Or shall we call it love? Your deepest nature is love! And while this stands beyond the reach of ego, it will always and forever remain within easy reach of spirit.

Come! Come! Let us be still a moment… reach beyond our ego, and know our deepest nature.


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