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Sometimes seekers come to a meeting with a spiritual teacher, and experience a rush of energy. “Oh!” they might say, “could you feel that? The energy here is so powerful!”

I know what they mean. I’ve felt it too.

Some seekers follow teachers, or go live with them in ashrams. “Just being around the teacher…” they might say, “this state of bliss just arises in me” (or joy, or peace, or love or….).

Besides the peace (or bliss or joy or love)… You know what’s great about experiences like these? They tend to spread. To other people; to other aspects of one’s life. Even if only for a moment. Sometimes longer. The decisions we make from this place tend to be more life-positive too. Maybe best of all, they point one’s consciousness towards greater “expansion” in general, towards the rediscovery of one’s true nature. Amen! What a beautiful gift! Experiences of deep peace aren’t the only trick in the book, but… how lovely! Amen for these experiences!!

Often, this is why people come to spiritual gatherings. And it’s a great reason if it works for them. It’s very much like someone that’s been getting rained on going to find a sunny place. Life has been a bit gray? Cloudy? C’mon out! How nice that some have found this particular way to find a little sunshine.

Sometimes this is a major revelation for people as if, before, their experience was almost ALL rain, and then discover visiting a spiritual teacher or gathering can clear away the clouds for a little while.  Now they seem to have a way out, at least temporarily. Amen! How wonderful they are no longer relegated to such unrelenting rain! Amen!

However… now the seeker must chase the sun. Is it here? Is it there? One cannot always go and find it, and even so, may have to chase it all across the face of the earth. What pain!

Love cannot let this suffice.

What is a sun-seeker to do? Or the teacher?

A true teacher helps the seeker discover their umbrella.

Thus, the seeker reclaims their own power to get out of the rain when they like. Perhaps, eventually, the seeker learns to build a shelter, so that even an umbrella is no longer necessary. It still rains sometimes, but it’s no problem staying dry. Eventually one knows, unequivocally, they literally carry the sun with them… How could there ever be an issue of rain in the first place?

And what of the teacher? They’ve long since become irrelevant.  Chasing the sun is absurd.

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