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There is nothing new under the sun, said a wise philosopher. Truth is older than existence. I have nothing to add. Truth is not contained in any secrets. Rather, it is spread out over all the earth, in all times, all things; in every blade of grass. A freeway. Dish soap. All of humanity.

And certainly in a smartphone. Want a guru? Answers to spiritual questions? The options are rampant, and the internet can be your friend. Need a book to read?

Truth has never been so available in the history of humanity. Just look.

I have nothing to add, really. Truth is just truth. It is One. It always has been and always will be. Many, many have attempted to put it into words. We always fail to some degree, simply because Truth is bigger than can be contained by such constraining symbols. Direct experience is the grandest communicator available to human consciousness… and so sometimes we attempt to direct people to these experiences.

But still… it’s not “new.” It is not original or unique. There are no secrets kept. It’s the same truth; eternally available.

I have nothing to add, nothing new to say. How could there be anything new? Perhaps an evocative turn of phrase that reframes the same thing, yet again. Perhaps offering a drink to one seemingly come to the fountain for the first time. Perhaps a clever story can be told, or one can attempt to help another connect the dots of their own inner experience. But is it “new” truth they are discovering? Is it special, or secret, or only for the initiated? Absolutely not. It is as old as forever. And available literally everywhere. It is free for the finding and taking. Always.

So is there any particular reason anyone should listen to me? Not particularly. If it seems helpful, then great. If not… also great. It is when people verify truth for themselves, within their own experience that it has the most impact anyway.

I have nothing to add. It is a delight and joy to be helpful, but I have nothing new to offer. How could anyone have anything, or offer anything, that is beyond that which is all-encompassing and eternally present? How could one offer more than love? How could one offer love and call it new and different?

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  1. Abby

    Wow, beautifully expressed! Thank you for being a living example of the profound truth of unconditional love.

    • Jonathan Van Valin

      Nobody is pefect on this plane! …But I’m glad to share as much truth as we can possibly muster, as we all go together through the madness and beauty… 🙂 – Jonathan

  2. Maya

    Hi Jonathon.
    I watched your video on ‘The Other Side NDE’ YouTube channel. You talk about your experience with great clarity and love. You are able to communicate to others on a subject which is ineffable and difficult to express and I wanted to say thank you. 🙏
    Truth, as you say, is not new, but is within us all, always ready to be rediscovered. A Divine remembering of our True nature.
    You emanate a wonderful loving kindness. You truly are a manifestation of the Divinity within. I feel sure your words are helping many people heal around the world and give much joy to others who are on their own path of remembering.
    Much love and gratitude. 🙏 ☺️

    • Jonathan Van Valin

      Maya, thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad you’ve found me here, and I encourage you to keep in touch. Feel free to reach out, as you feel inspired, or use the links herein to zap me an email. Peace be with you! 🙂 – Jonathan


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