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Concsious Conversations Podcast With Christina Renee

Ethereality Podcast with Nella

Love Covered Life Podcast with Melissa Denyce

Pegi Robinson – NDE TV

John Glasspoole
Earth To The Other Side Podcast

Shannon Torrence – Magic Is Real Podcast

JeffMara Podcast

The interview below on the JeffMara podcast where Jeff inquires about a near-death experience Jonathan encountered at 29 years old; an experience that pointed to many doors that would open over the following decade resulting in a radical shift of consciousness.

Alan Steinfeld of the New Realities show on BBS Radio

In this interview Jonathan tells a little bit of his own story and discusses how he understands healing, based in part on some healing experiences of his own, and includes a few moments of healing offered directly to Alan and anyone listening in.

Interview w/ Michelle Sherman at the VAST Institute on: “Listening To The Still Small Voice Within”

 People are saying

“The first amazing thing was that when you said my name and pointed out how quiet it was… that is when I realized I wasn’t thinking about anything.  I just was.  It was quiet, and peaceful. I didn’t want you to remove your hand from my head!  I did remain so very calm and peaceful for quite a while after and was able to go back to that place multiple times once I got home and things got ‘noisy’ again.  For that I am thankful! I would love to have the experience again with you!”     – L.E., Buffalo, NY

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