Meeting Each Other, Equal To Equal

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There is a way of “looking past” all the stories a person might be telling themselves; past their “egoic structure,” and past all their pain and suffering and contracted self-concept.

To what then?  What is there?  This is why music and art can be so powerful… They can embody what is there without resorting to words.


But let’s try it with words anyway; though they remain imperfect symbols. What remains without the burdens of that egoic structure, or without the stories that ossify the nearly iron-clad sense of “this is who I am”?

What is there… what do you see… when you look past the fears that accompany someone’s entrenched sense of a personal self?

It’s so free out beyond them! It’s so light!

It is all these burdens that create a sense of lack, and therefore need… But without these burdens these are absent, yah?

If, out beyond these limitations, there is no sense of need and no sense of lack, how could there be anything missing? There can’t be anything missing. Thus it is completely whole; and so very peaceful. It feels like home. Time cannot degrade it… (Look! You’ll see!) …it is clearly beyond the grasp of time. So, this shining beauty is seen to be eternal.

There is certainly nothing that must be done. What could possibly need be added to what is already totally, completely whole? What could there possibly be to do… other than commune together in this wholeness?

There is no teacher, no student, in this. No adult attending to a child. There is no giving from one who has, to one who hasn’t. There is no higher and lower. No one performing a ritual for the benefit of another. What could there possibly be to do… other than simply commune together in this singular wholeness?

Which must also mean that – as an indivisible part of wholeness, just like them – the deepest truth of you is beyond all those burdens too.

How light!  How free!! How lovely! You are the same. There is no difference; no separation of any kind.

What a beautiful way to “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you!” How could it really be any different when there is no separation of any kind in the first place? The Golden Rule turns out to describe a simple fact. Ones intention to practice the Golden Rule, then, becomes a simple movement towards returning to fundamental truth. Again and again.

So we go about our day, as if we know some special tricks, or have some special knowledge. Those to whom we can be useful will find us in due course and vice-versa… as we need them just as much as they need us for the equation to be set up for ultimate solution.  And as we go, may we all wink and nod to each other, saying “Namaste, Namaste…”

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  1. Steve Kramer

    We all have the same red blood flowing through our veins. We are all the same in the eyes of the Divine. I have been thinking about this a lot this past year as our world has become more fractured. Other words/winks/sharings of light:

    “We are One”
    “I Honor the Sacred within You!”
    “Mitakuye Oyas’in,” Lakota for We Are All Related/All My Relations

    • Jonathan Van Valin

      Amen! “All the same in the eyes of the Divine!” Amen. Amen.

  2. Abby

    This article brought tears to my eyes. God meeting God in another… without labels or separation, so profound and life changing! Namaste Jonathan.

    • Jonathan Van Valin

      I’m glad it touched something in you, Abby. Surely, as like is attracted to like… there is something here that connects to the truth in you and vibrates in recognition of it, yes? 🙂


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