How Does Healing Happen?

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What appears to be a healing process is like a lighthouse guiding a ship to safety.  The lighthouse doesn’t choose where it’s light falls… In fact, it doesn’t do much of anything.  It just shines.  It doesn’t really have any “will” of its own.  It doesn’t try to convince any ships to change, it just shines.

The lighthouse is there for the purpose of helping guide ships safely, but that is really the will of its Maker, not of the lighthouse itself.  The lighthouse is, itself, merely a physical vessel through which the will of its maker can flow.  It is given to shine, so it does.  That’s about it.

And if a ship changes course?  Is it because the lighthouse did something?  Not really.  Did the lighthouse force the change of course?  No.  It had no say in the course of the ship at all, it merely shined its light, therefore illuminating the scene.  The change in the course of the ship came from the ship’s captain –   there was a change of mind in the captain.  The lighthouse itself didn’t change or adjust to the ship, nor did the lighthouse actively seek to change anyone or anything else.  It merely illuminated some truth of the present circumstances.  The change agent was the mind of the captain.  Nothing else.  The captain saw the truth of the matter at hand, and chose differently in accordance with it.  All course-correction comes from the captain.  Not from the lighthouse.

Thus, does healing and peace come from the mind of the patient.  Not the doctor.  Thus do spiritual seekers find their way… as they see truth, and change their minds accordingly.  Did the teacher do anything?  Change anything?  Reach inside that person, somehow, and fix something?  No.  Not really.

The seeker/student/patient has, perhaps by the grace of illumination, seen more of the truth of their circumstances, which encouraged them to change their mind and adjust their course.  And so they did.


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