7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Center For Family Well Being
5039 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 20008

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Address:  5039 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington D.C. 20008

Admission: $25

To Register & Pay: email Amy Berkely at  innovativehealingarts@gmail.com

This gathering will be limited to twenty attendees.

Host Amy Berkely writes: “I’d like to invite you to an in-person event featuring a talk by spiritual teacher Jonathan Van Valin. Some of you have heard me speak of my experiences with him, and now that he will be visiting Washington, DC, I’ve asked him to present his work here so that you can experience the field he creates for yourselves! Jonathan is a non dual spiritual teacher who has studied many paths, including A Course in Miracles, and transmits the field of stillness, peace and healing (physical, emotional and spiritual) in a most direct way.”

It’s exciting to be able to plan an in-person event again!  Because space is quite limited, if you are interested in attending it would be best to sign up as soon as possible.  Please email me, Amy Berkeley, at innovativehealingarts@gmail.com to register and pay. Admission is $25.  There is plenty of on street parking nearby.

Jonathan writes:  My main purpose is to simply share a stillness and peace in a way that offers people an opportunity to experience the same peace directly within themselves.

When we operate from that place of peace, we naturally go towards the deepest truth of who and what we are, and when we do so, two primary side effects tend to manifest on our journeys in this world:   One is that we encounter our fears, which gives us the opportunity to remove these blocks… and removing blocks is how the light gets in. The second is that we run on our merry way toward our hearts calling. So these are what this gathering is about and why I’m here.

We’ll have a period of meditative quietude at the beginning. I’ll introduce myself, maybe tell a short story or two, and have a talk prepared to expand on the notions above, but will also be prepared on an entirely spontaneous basis, to work with interested individuals within the group setting, if they wish, to expand further on these experiences. Sometimes this includes asking if it is alright to touch someone on their head.