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Hello friends, I invite you to join me in going to the very end first…

… to the deepest truth of who and what you are, where the deepest peace and freedom lie. And seeing what you see from there; knowing what you know from there… we can then look back to where we started and bring that truth and guidance into our daily lives.  I’ve been thinking of this as “Awakening Upside-Down.” Instead of starting where we think we are and taking small steps towards an imagined ideal of some possibly distant-if-ever future freedom… we go to that first.  Then we take what we learn back into our daily life. It might seem a little backwards in a way… or upside-down.  But I believe this is really how it’s always worked. Especially when we join together on the journey, in stillness presence and dialogue.

So… yo’re invited to “come to the end” with me first, in stillness and silence, to experience a touch of “awakening upside-down.” And we can talk too, to further our healing and find ways to bring this into our regular daily lives. Click on the blue link below to register and receive the Zoom link in your emailClick Here To Register For Zoom Gathering

This gathering will start at 10am in the UTC -7 timezone, aka: 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern.  We’ll start with 15 – 20 minutes in silence, and be together for a little over an hour. If you login to Zoom during the 10 minutes before we start, you’ll hear one of the Adagios from a Mahler symphony. The meeting will also be recorded, and there will surely be more dates coming soon. The gathering is offered for free, although donations will also graciously be accepted. They are very helpful to supporting this work!