Washington D.C. Gathering! July 6th 2022, 7pm – 9pm

Address:  5039 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington D.C. 20008

Admission: $25

To Register & Pay: email Amy Berkely at

This gathering will be limited to twenty attendees.

Host Amy Berkely writes: “I’d like to invite you to an in-person event featuring a talk by spiritual teacher Jonathan Van Valin. Some of you have heard me speak of my experiences with him, and now that he will be visiting Washington, DC, I’ve asked him to present his work here so that you can experience the field he creates for yourselves! Jonathan is a non dual spiritual teacher who has studied many paths, including A Course in Miracles, and transmits the field of stillness, peace and healing (physical, emotional and spiritual) in a most direct way.”

It’s exciting to be able to plan an in-person event again!  Because space is quite limited, if you are interested in attending it would be best to sign up as soon as possible.  Please email me, Amy Berkeley, at to register and pay. Admission is $25.  There is plenty of on street parking nearby.

Jonathan writes:  My main purpose is to simply share a stillness and peace in a way that offers people an opportunity to experience the same peace directly within themselves.

When we operate from that place of peace, we naturally go towards the deepest truth of who and what we are, and when we do so, two primary side effects tend to manifest on our journeys in this world:   One is that we encounter our fears, which gives us the opportunity to remove these blocks… and removing blocks is how the light gets in. The second is that we run on our merry way toward our hearts calling. So these are what this gathering is about and why I’m here.

We’ll have a period of meditative quietude at the beginning. I’ll introduce myself, maybe tell a short story or two, and have a talk prepared to expand on the notions above, but will also be prepared on an entirely spontaneous basis, to work with interested individuals within the group setting, if they wish, to expand further on these experiences. Sometimes this includes asking if it is alright to touch someone on their head.



Free Contemplative NYr’s Eve Zoom-stravagana!

Thurs December 31, 2020

5:30pm – 7pm PST / 8:30pm – 10pm EST

Location: Your Favorite Comfy Chair

Cost:  Zippo, Nada, it’s free…

Click here to register
Click Here To Register

The New Year’s Eve event I’ve wanted to go to for ages. As the insanity of 2020 closes, we will take a walk together and look reflectively back, then forward, and even spend a few moments reaching for that place in which time doesn’t matter at all.  Along the way there’s gonna be music! Movin’ pictures! Fireworks! (Inside and out!!) There’s audience participation! And you’ll surely leave with some beautiful parting gifts…

More Details:  One part celebration, plus a double helping of retreat and reflection; this series of short guided meditations and conversations is tuned just right to play in the liminal space this very transitional time of year offers. We will “look back” by turning within to see the state of our personal power, as that will make all the difference when we look ahead into the emergent future of the coming year. New Year’s resolution?  Bah!! We’re not just putting a bit of air in the tires, here… This is a full-scale tune-up to get us on the road, full throttle.

Plus there’s music! Visuals! And yes… fireworks! It’s gonna be beautiful! You’ll have a chance to meet new friends, if you like.

And before we go, we’ll step for a moment into the experience where all… all of this just drops away and we rest for a moment in pure peace. A nice place to visit before resuming the journey…

It’s Free! It’ll take an hour and a half, and the time is gonna fly. We’re starting early in the evening so there’s still time to do traditional New Year’s Eve things later.

Besides, I don’t know about you, but my NYE party plan is rather curtailed this year… So I figured I’d make this the New Year’s Eve I really wanted anyway. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you’ll join me!

Click here to register


Manhattan Healing & Meditation

Monday January 20, 2020 – 7:00-9:00pm

Location: Balance Arts Center,

151 W 30th St 3rd fl, New York, NY 10001                                                 Cost: $30

This warm, small group will gather for a brief period of silence followed by  direct healing work and dialogue with those who wish to participate. All are welcome. To register please click here to send an e-mail and let us know you’re coming.



January 9, 2020 – Thursday 6:30-7pm

Manhattan Healing & Satsang small group

Location: Chelsea (message for exact address)

This warm, small group will gather for a brief period of silence followed by  direct healing work and dialogue with those who wish to participate. All are welcome. To register please click here to send an e-mail. 

$20-60 suggested donation, nobody turned away…


January 4, 2020 – Saturday, noon – 2PM

Music Meditation & Healing: A Contemplative Evening Even For Those Who Dislike Meditation!

Location:  The Foundation of Light                                                                391 Turkey Hill Road; Ithaca, NY 14850                                                     Cost: $25                                                                                                               To Register:  Click Here for the event page at the Foundation of Light


Another healing, multi-sensory, multi-dimensional Journey with imagery, music, contemplative stillness, and energetic presence lovingly curated to put you in touch with your own direct experience of truth, beauty and healing. Based on the short article:  A Doorway Within, Wide Open


Nov 18, 2019 – Monday 7-8:30PM

Music Meditation & Healing: A Contemplative Evening Even For Those Who Dislike Meditation!

A healing multi-sensory, multi-dimensional evening designed to open one’s heart and mind to the deepest dimensions of oneself, lovingly curated by Jonathan.

“Like taking a bath in the Divine!” Join us for a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional evening as we open musical, visual and energetic doorways through the heart and mind to the deepest dimensions of… you. It’s like touching your highest and best self… which in turn allows that to direct more of your daily life.  Jonathan will also lead meditations and short dialogues with the opportunity for audience participation and direct healing.


The Multi-Dimensional Meditation Series:  deepening through music, dialogue & contemplation

7 – 8:30pm April 3, 10, 17, 24 – Interfaith Community Sanctuary, Ballard. Cost:  None, or donation.


Sept 11, 2018 Soul Healing & Singing Bowls

7:15pm-8:30 – Seattle Sound Temple, Seattle WA
$45 admission

Jonathan will be doing healing work in conjunction with Singing Bowl practitioner Irene Ingalls.

Seattle Sound Temple is located at 4300 Fremont Ave North, Seattle WA. Entrance is on North 43rd St behind Uneeda Burger & Rockcreek Restaurants


June 12, 2018 – Alameda, CA  11am-1pm

Gathering sponsored by Truth Circle Talks


May 5-9 2018 –  Binghampton & Ithaca, NY

Available for individual meetings


May 3, 2018 – Manhattan, NYC                                                              

“A Direct Experience of Self -or- Doing Your Duds with the Divine”

Hosted by Dr. Tim Merick,

7:00-9:00 pm,                                                                                                Location: Alive & Well                                                                                    124 East 40th Street, Suite 1104                                                                   NewYork, NY 10016


Sometimes in the course of our busy lives there is a quiet moment which reminds us of that deepest and highest impulse we’ve always known was in there – somewhere! – yet has so often gotten swept away by the busy demands of life.

It seems meaningful, maybe even important… Like it’s something worth paying attention to. Yet, boy… are we busy!

But what if the deepest and highest were able to inform our regular life? And not just on rare occasions, but in all the moments of any day… including the most mundane and ordinary?

Come join Dr. Tim Merrick and his guest, Jonathan Van Valin for an unusual evening, which will be more than talk: Come have a direct, experiential engagement with your “highest self,” an experience that can reorient you towards the Divine, and towards getting the right things done right no

Events and Healings with Jonathan Van Valin
Events and Healings with Jonathan Van Valin

Below is a listing of my current events.

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People are saying

 “I decided at the spur of the moment to have a reading with Jonathan. His intuitive skills were fine tuned, as he was insightful about some things I was struggling with at that time. He gave me one particular idea which helped me tremendously on my journey of healing. Jonathan’s presence was kind and compassionate. He is a skilled healer, and has the quiet kindness that many who seek this kind of healing are in need of. I felt that I was being held in a safe, caring space with Jonathan.” 

K.S. – Seattle, WA