Decisions & Beliefs

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All your decisions follow from your beliefs.  Beliefs define the parameters – the range of decisions – from which you can select your actions and potential outcomes.  As such, they determine our experience.  Change your beliefs, change your world, and your experience.  Many powerful beliefs are so long held as to have gone unquestioned.  We don’t even remember choosing particular beliefs (yes… they are choices!).  It is this way that they seem, often, to have become unconscious.  Thus our experiences repeat the same patterns, over and over, until we choose differently.

Thus, it makes perfect sense not to change the world, but to change the way we see the world.  We must likely first examine our beliefs (mindfulness) and discover what they really are, so that we can then choose between chaos or peace…  we can choose once again which one we want, undoubtedly leading us to let go of beliefs that no longer serve us.  We can then, only then, change our beliefs, leading inevitably to changing our world, changing our experience.  Amen!!

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