Poetry of the Incarcerated

Perhaps it’s been years and years since one has even thought of it… yet, at some point arose a curious thought about the distant past:  That one had put oneself in the cage. Put oneself there?!? It had always seemed like it was just the way it was.  That one had...

Decisions & Beliefs

All your decisions follow from your beliefs.  Beliefs define the parameters – the range of decisions – from which you can select your actions and potential outcomes.  As such, they determine our experience.  Change your beliefs, change your world, and your...

How Does Healing Happen?

A healing process is like when a lighthouse helps guide a ship safely into a harbor. The lighthouse doesn’t control the ship at all, it merely shined its light and illuminates the scene. The change in the course of the ship comes from the ship’s captain. There is change of mind in the captain…

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