About You

When I look across that table to those who have shared it with me over the last few years, it seems we share a lot of common ground. The picture emerges like this:

You have probably identified as a seeker for a long time (lifetimes?), though you don’t always reveal the nature or depth of your seeking to others. You – probably long ago – questioned the “usual” values of the world around you, deciding that living gently, and kindly, and with less resource-impact are good for you, and for those around you.

You’ve come a long way!  You’ve done work! Inwardly and outwardly.  You probably consider yourself rather advanced. And are quite right to do so. Throughout your journey of highs and lows and the long stream of “learning opportunities” you can see how you’ve grown, which has surely helped you achieve a certain worldly stability and command of resources, or at least… you can “see” that stability from where you are, now.

You’ve valued healthy habits and practices for a long time, even though you don’t always stick to them. You’ve probably meditated; some of you persistently… You’ve read lots of books! Maybe Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Jed MacKenna, Nisargadatta, the Baghavad Gita, Emerson, Rumi, Zen koans, Seth, the Bible, and all manner of others. Perhaps one of my favorites: A Course In Miracles. You’ve been to classes and trainings… sat with teachers and occasionally had your “mind blown.”  There have been powerful experiences along the way – some of which you find a bit hard to explain to certain others in your life.  Words like “awareness,” and “presence” and “energy” have been useful, but you may have noticed they can be a little tricky too, depending on your audience or context. You’ve noticed often how words, in general, turn out to be limited. You’re well aware of the power of direct experience, and how this can transcend words entirely.

Sometimes you get impatient with the journey. Hasn’t it been long enough? “Shouldn’t I be further, already?” “Shouldn’t I have gotten over (this or that thing, whatever it is…) by now?  …Which is only natural because you’ve come so far already!  You may even be getting tired of the seeking; of taking one more class, or finding one more book, or one more teacher.

So much has been overcome, let go, forgiven and happily, peacefully, moved on from. And yet!  There is, somewhere in the canyons of mind, in hidden, shrouded parts of consciousness, a few things that beg some light. They are calling to you, persistently… You’ve cleared away so much else there is little left to shroud them any longer, and so you’ve found them hard to ignore. You’ve built many skills over all this time, and yet you find yourself still concerned you don’t know how to navigate this next part, yet both pushed and pulled to do so. You know that where this leads is wonderful, yet there remains something fearful about the shadows in these deepest canyons of self.  The lamp on the table draws you… This light emboldens that inner sense of being pushed and strengthens that pull you feel… so you’ve come, that perhaps this might be a beacon to light this late leg of the journey. 

If any of this sounds familiar, I can relate… because this is essentially the path I’ve trod myself, which is generally a good quality in a guide.

So we find ourselves here at this table. It is good to see you here!  Let’s proceed!!


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People are saying

“While it is nearly impossible to find adequate words to describe my experiences with Jonathon, I am so grateful for him sharing his special gift of guiding me deeper into my “busy mind” to make sense of my fears and apprehensions. I have never walked away from a session feeling anything less than empowered… and hopeful that I am continuing to make progress toward a spiritually fulfilled life. I most appreciate how he does it in a gentle way which still pushes me to dig deep and tap into raw emotions that stem from real experiences. While he, somehow, can see things inside of me on his own, he has a true talent for involving me in finding those internal walls and encouraging me to break them down a little at a time. ”  A.A. – Portland, OR